DRF is an engineering consulting group specializing in power conversion and power testing. We have experience with design review, power stage design, simulation and modeling, component specification, PCB and enclosure layout, acceptance test planning, and on-site test execution. Our customers have built their technology around grid-interactive inverters, generators, flywheel energy storage, and synchronous motors and controls, both in the US and abroad. We keep our customers’ costs in mind as we are developing and designing to make every project cost-efficient. DRF Engineering Services was founded in 2013 by Saad Thabit.

Our Philosophy

circuitHow We Approach Your Project

We start by capturing all the system requirements and constraints. Then we create full system specification which covers electrical, mechanical, compliance, environmental and transportation.

circuitSolutions Based on In-depth Research and Analysis

From the specifications we will conduct trade studies to support selection of the best and most balanced solution.

circuitAttention to Details at Every Stage of the Design

Technical feasibility & concept design: DRF will identify and evaluate all the possible technical options to achieve your project goal. By narrowing the options, we can recommend the most viable, efficient and cost-effective means to accomplish your objectives.

circuitEngineering Design Development

DRF will develop a conceptual design including preliminary hardware schematics and bill of materials(BOM).

circuitDesign Verification and Validation

DRF will verify and validate the conceptual design as the last phase before finalizing product design.


How did we get our name?


After working in industry for twenty years, I decided to mix things up. At first, I worked for a start-up. After a few months, still realizing I wanted a change, I went on a trip to Jamaica to sort things out. I visited Dunn’s River Falls and the experience left a lasting impression on me.
Dunn’s River Falls is not just any old waterfall. There is a treacherous hike up the waterfall where water beats down on you and the rocks are so slippery. People join hands to make a human chain up the entire waterfall. Every person takes part in the struggle and the walk is slow-going but each person helps you along the way toward the goal. The top of the falls is beautiful and certainly worth the effort.
This feeling of community and struggle has had a lasting memory on me. In that moment, I decided that I would make my way on the path of life by starting my own consulting company, and working my way up on waterfall one client at a time, just as I worked my way up the challenging path at Dunn’s River Falls, hence the name DRF.