Calculate weight of wire based on transmission voltage and losses

Hey friends and Colleagues,If you need to calculate weight of wire based on transmission voltage use the math Lab model that i created , all what you have to do is: enter the amount of power your need to transmit(red text "enter power") , The allowable percentage power losses (it is 2% in the code below and you [...]

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Ampacities for Flexible cords and cables

If you need to determine the current carrying capability for a cord which consist of three-conductor that are carrying current then use NEC table 400.5 for flexible cords and cablesTo review the table check out the link belowhttp://www.houwire.com/products/technical/article400_5.html

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What is a Transformer? How to measure losses? How to measure equivalent circuit parameters ?

In its most elementary form, a transformer consist of two coils wound of wire and inductively coupled to each other. When alternating (AC) current at a given  frequency  flows in either coil, an alternating voltage of the same frequency is induced in the other coil. The value of this voltage depends on the degree  of [...]